Sunday, February 18, 2007

Deadliest Polluters in Canada, 2004

Companies and facilities in Canada that released the most carcinogens, respiratory, reproductive and developmental toxins into the air, land and water in 2004, according to their own data published in the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) (2006).

Carcinogens: 7,765,441 kg
3400 East Lafayette,
Detroit, Michigan, 48207.

Zalev Brothers Co.,
100 Grand Marais Rd., E.
Windsor, Ontario, N0A 6N5.

Respiratory Toxins: 415,502,296 kg
145 King St., W.,
Suite 1500,
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 4B7.

Copper Cliff Smelter Complex,
18 Rink St.,
Copper Cliff, Ontario, P0M 1N0.
Thompson Operations,
P.O. Box 5000,
Thompson, Manitoba, 98N 1P3.

Reproductive & Developmental Toxins: 201,280,967 kg
1188 Rue Sherbrooke,
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 3G1.

Usine Alma,
3000 des Pins, Ouest,
Alma, Quebec, G8B 5W2.
Kitimat Works,
1 Smeltersite Rd.,
Box 1800,
Kitimat, British Columbia, V8C 2H2.
Usine Laterriere,
6301 Boul. Talbot,
Laterriere, Quebec, G7N 1A2.
Usine Grande-Baie,
5000, route du Petit-Parc,
C.P. 900,
Ville de La Baie, Quebec, G7B 4G9.
Usine Arvida,
1955 Boul. Mellon,
Jonquiere, Quebec, G7S 4L2.